Journey so Far

December, 2015
December, 2015

Zend Certified PHP Engineer (ZCPE)

Successfully endorse Zend Certification in PHP 5.6 on December 2015. With this certification got to test my indepth knowledge of all the PHP concepts and practice. You can check me out at ZCE directory following my id ZEND027983

May, 2014
December, 2015

Miracle Group

Web Developer

Miracle Group is a leading beauty industry in US which has salons across US. My work at Miracle Group as a developer is to ensure all the web related tasks are up and running - appointment scheduling, promotions, redesign of website, Plugins and logic design among others.

June, 2012
December, 2013

Showcase Idea Sharing

Web Designer Developer

Showcase Idea Sharing (SIS) is a software development firm in Hyderabad, India. I join (SIS) as an intern after my graduation and soon become a part of it. I work as Web Designer initially - working the frontend technologies; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Then learned server side scripting and started coding in PHP. During my tenure I work individually and as a team member in project development.

June, 2007
May, 2011

Bachelor in Technology

Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Completed my graduation in Computer Science in 2011 with Operating Systems, Computer Networks, C, C++ and Java Programming as majors.